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"The 9 Keys to Working with High-End Clients"

Learn What Successful Business Owners REALLY Want So That You Become an In-Demand, Well Paid and Indispensable Virtual Support Professional

From the desk of: Tina Forsyth, Author of Becoming an Online Business Manager

Let me ask you something...

Are you happy with the clients you are working for right now?

I really want you to consider this question. Don't worry, it's OK to be honest here... I won't tell. ;)

Are you getting paid well? Do you enjoy the work you are doing?

Do you ever look around at your colleagues and wonder "how did they get to work with such an amazing business owner like [NAME] - I'd love to work with a high-end client like that!"

The reality is that there are lots of different clients out there, all of whom are at varying levels of success in their business - some just getting started and others are further down the road in their success.

And depending on the kind of work you like to do and where you want to take your business, you will have a preference for your own ideal kind of client.

We call these high-end clients as you need to be ready to
fly high and enjoy the ride. ;)

What is a High-End Client?

A high-end client is a business owner who is clear on their vision, knows their business model and is ready to move FAST! They are past the stage of figuring things out and are ready to create a high-quality and sustainable business - and they need the best level of support possible in order to do so... they need you.

My partner Andrea Lee and I been working online now since 1999 - almost 20 years experience between the two of us - in that time we've:

This has given us the unique perspective of being able to see the virtual support industry from all sides. Everyday we are talking to these high-end business owners and virtual support professionals alike through our various ventures, and we get to hear first-hand about all the challenges and frustrations.

And we'll tell you upfront - we hear from successful, high-end business owners all the time who are frustrated with their virtual teams and are having a really hard time finding the help they need.

A snippet of what they are saying:

“Try as I might, I just can’t find the person I need! Where the heck are all the good ones?”

I thought I found a really great person but once she got on the job things fell flat. She didn't live up to my expectations.”

“Feels like my VA isn’t available when I need her – I get that she has other clients but why does it feel like I’m always at the end of the list?"

“I’ve been burned so many times I’m at my wits end… I know I need to hire someone but I’m so gun-shy. I don’t know who to trust anymore.

And we know that you are frustrated too - you are giving your best and still end up struggling to create strong and profitable working relationships with your clients.

So what is going on here? Why is there such frustration on both sides - the high-end business owners and the virtual support professionals like yourself who want to serve them?

Andrea & I started taking a really close look at this a few months back, talking to these high-end business owners and considering our own experience in working with them. Along the way something became very clear...

It's no longer just about the skills - it's about HOW you deliver your services in a high-end way.

Skills are important, don't get me wrong... but your approach in how you work with these high-end clients makes ALL the difference in the world. And if your approach is off - if you aren't clear on how to work best with these high-end clients - you are going to struggle, get stressed and may even lose the client.

And yet as virtual support professionals we tend to be too focused on the work itself - on what we are doing for our clients - that we forget how important it is to consider how we deliver our services. Many of us are working 'by default'... chugging along doing what we've always done, working how we used to work back in the corporate days. This simply doesn't work for these high-end clients!

There are 9 Keys to providing top-notch service to high-end business owners... when you master each of these 9 Keys you earn the right to work with high-level clients (and get paid well in doing so!)

Here is a sneak peek of a few of the 9 Keys for you...

Key #1: Knowing the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Key #5: Taking, not Giving

Key #8: Becoming a Master Communicator

These are just a sample of the 9 Keys... even If you do just these 3 things you will be worth your weight in gold - clients will bend over backwards to keep you on their team!

A word of caution for you... working with high-end clients isn't for everyone.

We want to be very clear on something that we are going to take a stand on in this training. And we want you to really consider this before committing to join us in the journey to work with these high-end clients.

It is up to YOU to create a strong and profitable relationship with these high-end clients!

Let me explain a bit further... this isn't going to be about playing the blame game. Believe me, we've heard it all before about how certain business owners can be really hard to work with, how it's their fault that 'things aren't working out', etc. And yes, we know that business owners can be part of the problem when challenges arise - and quite honestly high-end business owners are the toughest of the bunch!

But we want to take a stand for you to take charge of the relationship you have with your clients. We can equip you with the tools and strategies - but it is up to YOU to take the reins and provide the best level of support possible even within the 'chaos' that can (and most likely will) happen when you work with clients at this level.

If this makes you want to run to the hills then you may not be ready to work with these high-end clients... and we wouldn't recommend investing in this program at this time.

However, that being said...

Working with high-end clients can completely transform your business (and your life!)

And we say that from the bottom of our hearts. We've worked with many different types of clients over the years and have experienced first hand that when you do great work with these clients you will be able to enjoy:

So are you ready to start working with high-end clients? Reserve your space TODAY and step into becoming the well-paid, in-demand and indispensable virtual support professional that clients simply can't get enough of.

Count me in! I'm ready to create strong and profitable relationships with high-end clients.

The 9 Keys to Working with High-End Clients

This is a Live Teleseminar Training Program (delivered by phone) starting on Monday, November 23, 2009

The program consists of 4 hour-long sessions, delivered at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern each Monday and Wednesday for 2 weeks. Plus a bonus 5th call on Wednesday December 16th.

Here is what is included in "The 9 Keys to Working with High-End Clients":

  • The 9 Keys to working with high-end clients taught over 5 live 60-minute teleclasses. Participate live so you can immediately start putting into practice what you learn.
  • An interactive forum where you can post your questions and network with your peers.
  • MP3 recordings of each teleclass, in case you need to miss one.
  • Transcripts of all the calls for your easy reference later.

Plus you will receive the following bonuses:

  • A bonus call re: The 5 Best Places to Find High-End Clients. Now that you are ready to work with these clients, where do you find them?
  • A print copy of the book Money, Meaning and Beyond: 27 Unexpected Ways to Create What Really Matters for Business Owners - delivered straight to your door.
Price for the Live Teleseminar Training
with recordings: Only $397

Single Payment of US $397
2 payments of US $225 per month

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One last thing...Our 'It's Just That Simple' Guarantee of Satisfaction

We want to assure you that we've made every available effort to make "The 9 Keys to Working with High-End Clients" program a thorough and complete study of how to create strong and profitable relationships with these business owners.

That's our personal promise to you, along with our 'it's just that simple' guarantee. If after the first call you decide this course isn't for you, just let us know within 24 hours of that first call (November 24th) and your money will be fully refunded. No ifs, ands or buts. Simple. Sound good?

Click the button above now to register. Your journey to creating strong and profitable relationships with these high-end clients begins now.

What folks have to say about working with Tina & Andrea...

"Ladies, as I mentioned early on in the course, I don't spend my money with just anyone. You delivered everything (and more) than promised. As you know, under-promise and over-deliver is key in any business!"

- Cindy Hillsey, VirtualPartnering.com

"I just wanted to let you know that I secured an awesome OBM client yesterday who contacted me after viewing my profile from the site. God is good! We are inking a deal today and I am so excited to be embarking on this journey. I owe a big fat thanks to Tina and Andrea for putting this program together."

- Kenya Halliburton, My Virtual Genie

"Tina and Andrea are absolutely top-notch professionals who know their stuff and generously provide their knowledge in an organized, intelligent way that will build your confidence, knowledge and skills. The learning environment they create is safe, productive and well worth the money."

- Donna Frindt, Certified Online Business Manager

"Simply put, [Tina] is the best of class. She was serving as an OBM before anyone had ever heard of such a thing. She knows more about how to grow an online business than most online business owners. And, most importantly, she has the utmost integrity. She does what she says she's going to do, and then some."

- Michael Port, author of Book Yourself Solid

"Over the last 10 years I have worked with and been coached by some of the world's top names both in business and personal development. Andrea is undoubtedly up there with the best. Her deep wisdom, emotional intelligence and most of all her practical application has made a significant positive impact on my business in a relatively short period of time. For coaches wanting to grow themselves and their business I would definitely recommend Andrea Lee."

Donald McNaughton, Scotland | www.ZonedInPerformance.com

We get started on November 23rd... if you are bursting at the seams to work with high-end clients be sure to register now.

We look forward to seeing you on the line!


photo of Andrea Lee

Andrea Lee


Tina Forsyth

Coauthors of Money, Meaning & Beyond, Pink Spoon Marketing and The Compensation Conversation.

Founders of the International Association of Online Business Managers.

P.S. The very meaningful and lucrative market of working for clients who are going places is being tapped already by those around you. It’s not a mystery or out of reach – you just need to know it’s happening and then consciously take action to go where the clients are! If the high-end client is for you, you’ll know it.  And we hope you’ll seize the moment to take decisive action and join us in this program – the only one of its kind to help support professionals make this leap.  Don’t miss out and regret it later...you can begin the decisive action high-end clients value most by modelling decisive action here. Register above.

P.P.S. Although we’ve been coaching 1-on-1 helping virtual support professionals break through to this market, this is the first time we’ve made a group offering available and we want to reach as many as possible to change the course of your work.  We hope you’ll take advantage of us at this incredible price point because face it, just raising your fees with one smaller client for 2010 will earn your tuition back within weeks.  And securing just one high-end client really should catapult this investment in the stratosphere.

The question is, would you like your 2010 to be groundbreaking for you in all ways, or will you choose to wait?
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